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The Full Story

TamaraDeonka Art is proud to offer a wide range of art pieces that depict the beauty of the universe, fantasy creatures, breathtaking landscapes,  portraits, jewelry and apparel. My artwork offers an unparalleled level of creativity and originality, and I believe that my passion for art and content creation is evident in every single piece. If you are looking to purchase a piece of art that is both unique and beautiful, TamaraDeonka Art is the perfect place to indulge your senses.



TamaraDeonka Art is an art studio dedicated to creating beautiful and unique art pieces that bring the stars to life. My specialty is fantasy art, where I specialize in  painting the constellations and create stories of the night sky. I also design jewelry that feature the night sky and tie dye shirts with unique designs. I use vibrant colors and detailed designs to bring my art to life, and make sure that each piece is made with the utmost care and attention.

I believe that art should be accessible , so I offer art pieces at reasonable prices. Visit our website to see our selection and find something that speaks to you.


TamaraDeonka Art is a place where creativity and passion come together. I create artwork that is both inspirational and whimsical, with the goal of making art fun and accessible for everyone. My work includes everything from space-themed designs to unique jewelry and even t-shirts.

My mission is to share my art with the world and to create a space for people to explore and express their own unique creativity. I believe that everyone has an artist inside of them and I want to help bring that artist out. 

At TamaraDeonka Art, I strive to make art fun and interactive. I work with various mediums to create unique designs that can be enjoyed by all. I believe that everyone should have access to art, so I also teach workshops and classes that allow people of all ages to learn and explore their creative side.

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